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Hi, we are TWEE...

Updated: Nov 13, 2018

Hi, we are TWEE, an independent record label that came into being after hours and hours of music-related conversations and conjured 'what if' scenarios between the label's two founders; two friends with a shared passion for music and an infatuation for vinyl records and cassette tapes.

We're into all music, as long as it's good, but TWEE's primary aim extends far beyond simply making good music available to the public. We're particularly interested in releasing Maltese music on vinyl and tape (maybe even CD), focusing on songs from the Maltese music scene's past - records which, for some reason or other are no longer available, as well as songs that have a unique quality to them.

Most of all, however, we want to help bring back the old-school experience of listening to music and, since our releases will all be limited editions, we’re also looking to instil a collectable value to our catalogue! If you share our passion we hope you will join us in our adventure!


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